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Guns for Beginners: Choosing a Firearm



Not sure what pistol to get for your first gun or for home defense?
We’ll cover all the important decision points such as caliber, ammo, size, ergonomics, price, and safety.

Best Handgun For Beginners

It can be frightening to be a newbie trying to purchase your first pistol. There are several possibilities available. When seeking to buy your first handgun, we are here to help you narrow down your options. While the choices we offer are not exhaustive, they are a fantastic place to start. We used a lot of trusted, well-known, and well-known brands. Additionally, we'll give you some advice on what to look for in a novice handgun down below. Regardless of whether the pistol you ultimately choose is on our list or not, make sure it has all the characteristics we list in the "What To Look For" section below.

Types of Handguns


There are two basic types of handguns- revolvers and semi-automatics. Let’s look at each a little more in-depth, then we will let you know which we suggest for beginner shooters.


This type of handgun includes a magazine, which holds the ammunition, that inserts into the handgrip. A simple push of a button drops the magazine for reloading. Ammunition is loaded into the chamber by pulling back on the slide, located on top of the frame, and releasing it. Now the pistol is ready to fire. If it has an external safety, you will need to disengage it. Striker fire models do not include an external safety so all you will need to do is pull the trigger. Semi-automatic pistols are the most popular type of handgun available. Whether you are looking for a full size .45, a compact .380, or anything in-between there is a good chance it is available in semi-automatic. Because there are so many different designs available there is sure to be one that fits you and your shooting needs. This will allow you to select a handgun that fits your hand, in a caliber that meets your needs, and in a package that meets your budget.


Semi-automatics are a more recent design than revolvers. They use a cylinder with 5-7 holes where rounds are put instead of a magazine. The cylinder rotates to the next round as soon as you pull the trigger, firing the current round. Once more, any external safety will need to be deactivated. Numerous revolvers lack a safety. Revolvers come in a wide variety of calibers, ranging from.22 to.500. The size of the gun and the recoil both increase with caliber. Which is hence the best for a beginner? You might be surprised to learn that we advise a mid- to full-size 9mm semi-automatic.Revolvers are easier to use and have fewer malfunctions, although they might be more challenging for beginners. because they do not have the robust springs that the semi-auto recoil would have. Additionally, it's important to put your hands correctly to minimize the risk of harm from the chamber backblast. The 9mm is typically preferable for learning to shoot, and the same pistol can then be used for personal protection, even though caliber is a matter of personal preference.

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Best Handgun For Beginners

What To Look For In A Beginner Handgun


What is the purpose of this gun? is the first thing you should ask yourself while beginning your search for a handgun. There will be differences between a gun made for concealed carry and one made for shooting sports. A collectible gun will be different from a gun for home defense.

Choose your intended usage for the weapon. This may occasionally serve many goals. Many new gun owners purchase a weapon for home defense. Some people also desire to carry the same pistol covertly. The pistol you buy will depend on these choices.

We recommend a full size gun for most new handgun owners. However, if you are going to use that same gun for concealed carry, we recommend one of the top concealed carry guns with high capacity.


The size of the handgun you ought to buy typically shocks brand-new gun buyers. Typically, they believe that women should be smaller. They also believe that for concealed carry, smaller is better. Even while this "MIGHT" be the case, smaller also has higher recoil and less storage space. The recoil of smaller guns typically turns away smaller-framed persons, who prefer the larger guns.

As previously said, we advise purchasing a full-size handgun as your first firearm. Choose the largest gun you feel comfortable carrying if you intend to conceal carry as well.


While there are many calibers that would work fine for your first gun, we recommend 9mm or .45 ACP. 9mm is the most common caliber and offers a nice balance between performance and capacity. .45 ACP offers a little more punch (and recoil) but usually has lower capacity.

Most of the guns we recommend for a first time gun owner is 9mm. Then add other calibers like .22 or .45 in the future as you increase your collection.


This will be short. Purchase a firearm that has a history of being reliable…from an established company. Once you do purchase your firearm, be sure to practice with the ammunition of your choice to make sure your gun “likes” that ammo.


This will depend on the person who is buying the gun. If you are on a budget, make sure you save enough for self defense ammo and training. Just don’t purchase the lowest budget gun you can find, as it may not meet our reliable requirements.

If you have a large budget, feel free to take your pick from our list, as all would be a great fit for new gun owners.


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